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Shipping Container Types and Uses

Shipping containers used in shipping or intermodal transport must meet standards as to condition and uniform sizing, these containers are sometimes just referred to as ISO or ISO standard containers. Some the standard sizes and types are 10ft shipping containers, 20ft shipping containers or TEU's, 40ft shipping containers or 2 TEU, 45ft shipping containers and in intermodal and soon some ship lines the 53ft shipping container. Other non-iso containers exist and we have a a listing of those under the specialty shipping containers link. Some non-iso standard containers used in shipping are open top containers, side opening shipping containers, tunnel or sometimes called double door shipping containers with a double set of doors on each end, half height shipping containers, tank shipping containers, refrigerated or reefer containers, flat racks

Shipping Containers come in many different conditions so we try and classify them according to useability. Some container dealers assign "grades" but in the industry there are no "grades" so to speak. Some dealers figured out a way to make extra money by making their containers sound better than their competitors was a grade but the fact is that no grading exsist. The biggest problem with trying to compare "grades" for the consumer is that if such a system existed that everyone selling containers may grade them different or call their boxes "A" grade as not to lose a sell. That is why we try and classify them by their usefulness in the industry. 

Shipping Containers we buy and sell are manufactured from and are made of 14ga.   Cor-Ten Steel a trademark name (sometimes called Corton) which is a weathering steel designed to form a protective layer of rust when when a container is scratched or chipped so it will slow down the further rusting process. It is a steel and brass combination with other alloys to withstand weathering and salt exposure. This is important for containers that spend a lot of time on a ship at sea or in the port. 

The flooring is a marine grade plywood about 1 1/8" inch thick and handle extreme weights and is weather and pest resistant.. Most flooring is 19-21 plywood and floor weight limits are designed to hold up to 30 tons.  

Containers have several classifications and here we will try and explain some common industry standards.   
Starting with newest containers that are called One-Trip Containers and some just say new but they are really one-trip units. We try and only buy one trip containers that are the newest model year or in near the closest you can get from the manufacture. We also only buy one trip units that have only been used for clothing or household goods. All meet standard ISO, Det Norske Veritas AS (called DNV) and CSC certification standards. 

  • One Trip meaning one load from overseas
  • Condition= excellent no dents, very minor scratches
  • Flooring condition= excellent no stains or delamination
  • Door condition = excellent functioning and seals
  • Year range= 0-2 years old
  • Color Choices= Blue, Grey, Tan. Others also available
  • Options= lockbox, stake pockets, lead free paint
  • Value= excellent, great resell & we offer buy back guarantee (pro-rated)
  • Type of loads= clothing mostly, houshold goods.

The next containers  are IICL certified, these are between new one trip and cargo worthy containers for condition and strict standards. Most still meet all the ISO, Det Norske Veritas AS (DNV)  and CSC certification standards as do the one trip containers.    

  • IICL Certified & Meets CSC Standards
  • Condition= excellent, very minor dents, scratches, little to no rust
  • Flooring condition= great no big stains or delamination
  • Door condition = great functioning and great seals
  • Year range= avg. 2-8 years
  • Colors= Blue, Grey, Tan, Green, Dark Red and others 
  • Options= some have lockbox, stake pockets, lead free paint
  • Value= great, great resell & we offer buy back guarantee (pro-rated)
  • Type of loads= houshold goods, cleaner type loads.

Cargo Worthy, these containers are currently used by one of shipping lines and are fit for export and CSC Standards. These are still in service or newly off hire waiting to be put back in service or used as backup containers when the lines run short of containers. These are wind and water tight and we inspect them for damage and leaks to ensure they are trouble free. Any repairs have been done to strict standards and by professional methods not just "patched" to sell. These are also great for storage uses since these are a good value due to condition and price vs new units and very usable for many years.  

  • Cargo Worthy good for export, meets CSC standards
  • Condition= Good, some dents, scratches, some surface rust, no holes
  • Flooring condition= good, no holes or major delamination
  • Door condition = good functioning to little stiff, good seals
  • Year range= 7-12 years old, depends on lines.
  • Color Choices= Dark Red, Blue, Green, Red/ Brown. Others also available
  • Options=  stake pockets 20ft some 40ft, lead free paint
  • Value= good, good resell, we also purchase these from customers
  • Type of loads= houshold goods, tools, cars, machinery, you name it.

Wind and Water Tight or WWT, these are still useable as storage and a good value. Pricing is typically from two to five hundred less than Cargo Worthy shipping containers. Most are wind and water tight in usable condition, these are retired from shipping lines sometimes just because the depreciation has expired or due to minor damage that has been repaired by professional methods. Most sellers say WWT but do not guarantee them to be so just because they say ther are ask if they will put it in writing. We always put in writing what you are buying and stand behind it. 

  • Wind Water Tight or WWT
  • Condition= good some dents, scratches, rusting, patches
  • Flooring condition= good usable, no holes, small delaminations
  • Door condition = good functioning to a little stiff and decent seals maybe small tears
  • Year range= 7-14 years old and older. FCD does not sell containers older than 14 years
  • Color Choices= Red, Red/ Brown, Blue, Green,  Others also available
  • Options= some older boxes are lacking stake pockets on 20ft and none on 40ft
  • Value= good, least priced usable containers. some resell value
  • Type of loads= no loads, out of service, off hire, retired.

AS-IS Shipping containers, these are the ones that some sell as WWT. These are not inspected by us for the most part and bought in stacks so we do not check them very closely. Some are leak free while others can have pin holes or small holes that need patched or have been patched in the roof or bad seals, some loose flooring boards or delamination of several layers maybe. These are for low priced storage great hay, tires or other items that need to be out of sight or general exposure to outside weather. 

  • AS-IS meaning not inspected.
  • Condition= dents, scratches, pin holes, weak paint
  • Flooring condition= fair maybe stains or delamination, maybe holes
  • Door condition = fair functioning, maybe stiff, fair seals
  • Year range= 10-14 years old, we do not sell boxes older than 14 years
  • Color Choices= red, red / brown, Others also available
  • Options= most no options, may have lock box on some
  • Value= fair, some resell & scrap value. 
  • Type of loads= retired, ex-rental containers

Typical Uses for Shipping Containers and Modified Containers
Art Studios
Coffee Shops
Small Portable Retail Spaces
Farm & Ranch Equipment Storage
Hay Storage
Feed Storage
General Storage
Inventory Overflow Storage
Temporary Warehouse Space
Construction Offices 
Car Lot Offices
Oil Field Tool Rooms
Grow Houses (in some states)
Agriculture Storage
Nursery Storage
Fireworks Stands
Shipping Container Homes
Building Supplies Storage
Construction Materials
Tool Storage
Field Offices
Radio Repeater Enclosures 
Auto Parts Storage
Tire Storage
Self Storage Units

Shipping Container Houses
In-Law Apartment
Home Offices
Swimming Pools
Train Room
Hobby Room
Gun Rooms
Secure Storage Vaults
Reloading Rooms
Mini Self Storage
Doomsday Bunkers
Safe Room
Storm Shelters
Emergency Shelters
Generator Enclosures
Equipment Enclosures
Water Treament 
Fuel Stations
Hazardous Storage
Fire Training Buildings
Military Training Buildings
Military Communication Boxes
Military Sleeping Quarters
Baseball and Softball Field Storage
Guard Shacks
and Much More.

See Something of interest? or have an idea for a container use? We can modify a container to your specifications and build any of the above in-house.  

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